Services Provided

Child Neuropsychology

Pediatric neuropsychology services to assess neurocognitive abilities and problems in children and teens.

Adult Neuropsychology

Neurocognitive assessment in adults and older adults to assess essential cognitive abilities such as Attention, Concentration, Language, Learning and Memory, Reasoning and Problem solving needed for everyday life, work and independent living. Differentiation of normal vs abnormal aging. Recommendations for behavioral changes to improve cognitive health.

Optimal Performance

In critical positions such as athletes, pilots, physicians/surgeons and professors, we need to harness all our neurocognitive abilities for an optimal outcome. Behavioral interventions including performance coaching, biofeedback and neurofeedback, exercise and sleep assist in optimal performance. We provide a holistic approach to attaining optimal performance.

CogMed Coaching

CogMed is an evidence-based, well researched program to improve Working Memory in all ages. Working Memory is essential to good academic and work performance. Dr. Alanna Conder is a certified CogMed Coach. For more information, visit

Concussion Rehabilitation

We are acknowledged experts in sports concussion evaluation and rehabilitation. Both Drs. Conder have published in peer reviewed journals and presented at national conferences on sports concussions. As part of a network of professionals, we strive to bring the best in evidence-based interventions to safely return you to sports play, school and/or work 

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